March 1, 2002

Posted: February 17, 2014 in sethlestath

How do you define happiness? Happiness is about anything. We can describe it in a million ways. Happiness is about a moment; a perfect moment. Happiness is about getting something we wished for. But most of all, happiness is about the deepest feeling we had to someone or something. Happiness is not always about joy or pleasure, but it’s also about regret or even pain. Someone asked me once, “What is happiness for you?” Happiness for me is where I’m surrounding with people that I loved. Happiness for me is when I’m deeply in love with someone. And then he asked me again, “When was the last time you feel that kind of happiness?” I guess it was the day when Rika came into my life, until she finally disappeared. I really miss those moments. I hope that someday I’ll find my way back to the happiness again.


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