November 20, 2002

Posted: March 2, 2014 in sethlestath

If I could just go back, forget everything and start all over again. If I could be the same person like I used to be, maybe everything wouldn’t be like this. It’s too complicated for me to understand what’s this all about. They said, “It’s all about life.” But then I figure, what life’s all about. I never had a chance to understand how life works. Things happen so fast. One day you realize things goin’ so well, and then you bring your life over the clouds. But as a blink of an eye you found yourself diggin’ your own grave. So tell me how to understand that. Maybe life is just a game we play. We start it and we end it, that simple. Maybe life is about a decision we make. Well eventually, life is how you describe it. And you’re never wrong somehow.


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