March 7, 2003

Posted: March 11, 2014 in sethlestath

Sometimes the best thing is a very simple thing. Some people found it easier to smile with it. They believe things don’t have to be complex just to have a little smile. Despite of that, many others are dyin’ to make all things even complicated that it should be. They need something new in their life to make sure they still exist. And me, I love simple things in life. I don’t need to bustin’ my ass everytime I wanna smile. Stayin’ high all day would be the best for me. So I don’t need a break through in life. But maybe I got so bored sometimes. Doin’ the same stupid stuff everyday, feelin’ the same shit each day… it all making me sick. But I know the world keeps movin’ everytime I breathe. I know things will always change. But I don’t care where the world’s gonna throw me away. I just wanna play it simple.


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