March 21, 2003

Posted: March 16, 2014 in sethlestath

Talking about marriage is talking about huge changes. And when you do, you’re taking a giant step in your life. And things would become complex. Marriage is about responsibility. A responsible to support your child, your wife, and of course yourself. You have a responsible for their needs; their happiness; their life. Spooky isn’t it? Some people think marriage is a must. “We have to create a new generation,” they said. Part of me found it hard to accept it, but they’re right. A new generation to continue the kingdom. But I don’t know, maybe the whole idea about marriage is nonsense. I mean marriage is not always about love. If so, what’s the point of marriage then? Well I don’t know what the point of it is. But I do know I believe in soul mate. I do believe we’re meant for somebody somewhere. But somewhere is large, and we’re not being able to search every inch of it, do we? So I don’t believe we’re gonna end up with our soul mate. But how wonderful life is if someone found one?


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